Client Testimonials

You don't have to take our word for it....hear what our clients have to say

SASL has never once solicited a formal testimonial, these remarks are copied verbatim from our file notes.

Client confidentiality requires that names and aircraft registrations remain publically un-disclosed. Should you require to validate any comment direct with our client we are happy to facilitate on request.


1. Aircraft valuation
"Thanks for the valuation...very well written and I agree with your sentiments. I think your valuation was realistic and my offer was on the mark. Thanks also for your assistance in reviewing the S+P agreement". 

2. Valuation and asset recovery  

"Thanks for the effort you put in on doing this in a short space of time.  We will be working on resolving this next week with the parties involved. Your recommendations say it all and will be most useful" 

3. Aviation business setup and bankers pre-feasibility plan

"That amount quoted seems a lot for information but at the same time it sounds like that information would be very helpful to decide as to whether this would be a viable option for our business....... 
.....Wow, that report is a huge help, I really hope we could look at working together in the future thank you very much Justin"

4. Valuation & market analysis
"Hi there, thanks for the feedback and valuation report, it is a very thorough and informative report, far more detail than what I was expecting, we would have no hesitation using your services again, Many Thanks"  

5. Pre-purchase market report  
"Thanks for the info RE the pre-purchase analysis......I would like to say that so far I have been really impressed with you guys and customer service, responsiveness, approach and your website profile. Compared to others people in similar line of business, you will get my business every time, Many thanks"

6. Valuation & leaseback analysis
"Thank you very much for sending this through and completing the valuation. I have found the valuation very interesting and it was a lot more comprehensive than what I expected so I will be happy to use your services next time, Best Regards"  

7. Valuation & asset recovery
"I just wish to tell you how impressed we are with our encounter with Southern Aircraft Sales, in particular the professionalism and general high standard shown in your report which we have received today. When I originally said what I thought we could recover out of the aircraft I took a brave risk but now this is very different after one considers all the facts you point out in your report. All the best to you guys and many thanks....."

8. Aircraft maintenance dispute
"Thank you very much for all your input to this and the work you did to assist getting our aircraft repaired. Pity it was so long winded and difficult concerning the other parties however I thankyou for you concerted effort in helping us sort these problems out.There are more difficult ways to sort these problems but thankfully your skill has managed to avoid that path.......I have been very happy dealing with Southern Aircraft Sales and would be happy to convey that to any future customer that needs reassurance, Regards" 

9. Aircraft pre-sale market analysis
"Thanks for traveling down to see us yesterday, I am very appreciative of your time and the very solid and knowledgable market advice you gave my client....your company is a very professionally run Aircraft Sales Centre and I just cant imagine how others in the industry would have handled that situation yesterday and achieved the same result. Regards"

10. Aircraft sale
Seller - "I commend you for achieving this sale for us and I have been impressed with your standard of service and particularly the level of communication. If you ever need my reference for potential clients I would be happy to comment.

Buyer - "Thanks for your tireless response keeping me informed of transaction progress, We are very happy doing business with Southern Aircraft Sales. Believe me we are not going to stop here, we will sure continue to be doing business again in the near future, Best Regards" 

11. Aircraft sale
"Thanks for all your effort to sell my aircraft and in particular I am very impressed with the standard of your drafting of legal sale agreement and documentation. Your standard sale agreement has been particularly well thought out and obviously has tremendous amount of experience behind it in knowing where all the potential pitfalls are with a sale"   

12. Aircraft sale
Thanks for all your effort in getting the aircraft sold and finally delivered. I am still sitting here pinching myself at the bottom line you achieved for our company, these result are unbelievable you guys have done a great job and our board of directors are very happy with the results. 

I was thinking when we signed you guys up that the broker fees were a lot of money, but now I can see what is actually required to achieve these sorts of results I think your fees are worth every the end of the day if it were up to me to get the aircraft sold and delivered on my own as well as run our business - that aircraft would still be sitting in our hanger now"

13. Aircraft sale
"I just want to thank you for your efforts in selling my aircraft. I am impressed with the level of professionalism your company operates at. When I see that sort of commitment I am happy to take a hit in fees at the end"

14. Aircraft sale
"Thanks for all you guys efforts. I knew you said you were out to find a buyer but I thought you might take at least a couple of months to get this sold. I really did not appreciate it was all going to happen the very next week. Thanks & well done"

15. Valuation and aircraft sale
"I never would have thought my aircraft would be worth as much as you have suggested, but you stuck to your valuation and you have delivered the sale right on the mark, well done and thanks for all the assistance"