Aviation Valuations

Aviation valuations require an Aviation Specialist  

SASL founder and Director Justin Sollitt is one of only a handful of specialists who regularly provide aviation valuations for major banks, finance and insurance companies. This includes valuations for:
  • Fixed Wing aircraft
  • Helicopters
  • Single and multi engine
  • Piston & turbine engine
  • Aviation businesses 
  • Aviation plant & equipment
As a result of having operated in the global general aviation industry since 1999 as well as our experience around general aviation both as a pilot and an aircraft owner, our business has amassed a robust experience and knowledge base of aircraft and helicopter types, aircraft values and the general aviation market place.

Justin Sollitt carries an affiliation to the Property Institute of NZ

(Infrastructure, Plant & Machinery Valuation Council)

Valuation Regulation & Governance 

Anyone can call themselves a valuer, but the business of valuation is like any profession and is regulated by a professional governing body. Whilst our company prides itself on operating to the highest standards demanded internationally, our business is governed by the requirements of the Institute of Valuers Code of Ethics.

Our valuations are to a standard, not a price.

Valuation Format & Use

A valuation format will vary depending on the client requirements and purpose the valuation needs to serve, which may include;

  • General pre-purchase
  • General pre-sale, including deceased estates
  • Pre-tender management
  • Due diligence when buying a business
  • New business pre-feasibility 
  • Finance or acquisition

  • Insurance indemnity, loss, repair or replacement
  • Refurbishment
  • Modification or change of operational use   
  • Depreciation and taxation
  • Importation and Customs
  • Insolvency & asset recovery

Market Knowledge

Southern Aircraft Sales Ltd operates on up to the minute market records when determining where current aviation markets are currently trading. 

This market intelligence is derived from our experience in:

  • Aircraft & helicopter sales
  • Costs & compliance of exporting and importing 
  • Costs & compliance of aircraft ownership
  • Refurbishment, re-powering, rebuild & modification.
Our sales records and general market feedback is a comprehensive dossier of reliable market data.
This includes other brokers who we mutually share market data with. 

Aircraft Bluebook Digest

Southern Aircraft Sales also references the Aircraft Bluebook Digest 
for aircraft and helicopters. 

The international standard, for cross checking global trends in aviation related pricing. 

What does a valuation cost?

Aviation valuation compliance is like aircraft maintenance - there are no short cuts.

For most mainstream aircraft types we are normally able to provide clients an accurate cost estimate prior to engagement. Costs for a valuation depend on these factors:

  • What purpose must the valuation serve.
  • Is it for a single machine or a fleet valuation.
  • Does it involve any retrospective or future projections. 
  • Is it part of a larger commercial transaction (such as a business sale). 
  • Are we required to complete an inspection.
  • Will ongoing participation and discussion be required from us once completed (such as its use in litigation or dispute resolution).  

When comparing another valuation fee estimate, ensure:

  • The valuation meets the requirements that you need the valuation for. 
  • The practitioner is experienced on the aircraft or helicopter type.  
  • That there is actually an affiliation to both aviation industry and valuation governing bodies, not just purporting to be affiliated. 
  • Request a sample of the valuation document format, ensure the finished article is what you are expecting. 
Only once all these boxes are ticked, can you be assured that your valuation will be fit for purpose and be undertaken by an industry specialist who is accountable to independent minimum requirements.